Wednesday, April 19, 2006

A living curriculum? Discussion Question # 5

Wenger suggests that a community of practice “acts as a living curriculum for the apprentice?”

What does this mean?


Anne said...

The term "living curriculum" suggests that the learning experience is flexible, accomodates the learner, and is defined by the context. If we are trying to make learning meaningful, then creating this type of environment would be effective. At the same time, I think that it creates a lot of pressure for the "instructor" (in the traditional sense) who is supposed to be "in charge." There is risk in allowing so much flexibililty. Maybe the organization has to provide some safeguards for people who are trying things outside of our traditional models.

Robert Hughes Jr said...

This does pose some risks and certainly creates some problems for measuring outcomes, but Wenger and others suggest that the goal of learning needs to shift from learning particular content to learning to be a reflective, critically thinking practitioner (or learner). If that's the goal, we may have to take the risks and also rethink our systems of outcomes measurement.