Thursday, April 20, 2006

Is learning changing? Discussion Question #6

“[T]he days when learning meant training, knowledge meant information, and “content was king” seem to be fading.”

Is this statement true about your work? The work of University of Illinois Extension?
When? Why or why not? Give an example?


Anne said...

The statements, especially, "content is king," implies that the teacher knows everything, which seems less and less possible all the time. Especially in Extension, we are working with adults and people whose knowledge of the situation and the community is extensive, it's a little scary to think that all that needs to be learned can be captured by knowledge or content.

Robert Hughes Jr said...

It seems to be that a central part of our efforts ought to be engaging people in not just being the recipients of education, but also contributing their knowledge and expertise. This is an extension tradition, but I wonder if we don't need to think about this more systematically and think about new opportunities to make this happen.