Friday, September 12, 2008

Linking Program Development to Web 2.0 tools

The biggest challenge in teaching family life program development has been re-thinking how Web2.0 tools and activities fit with my ideas about program development. In 1994 I wrote a paper describing a model of program development that has been the basis of my thinking since then about how to create educational programs for families.

Trying to teach program development and incorporating Web 2.0 tools and strategies has made me re-think this model. I am still not sure I have this figured out, but here is the model that is guiding my thinking at the moment. I begin by identifying the basic roles/functions that a program developer must engage in: translating research into practice, knowing the public mind (that is, following topics and discussions in the Web 2.0 space), effective elearning and creating web content. Next I have tried to link this to the major skills what one needs to have to perform these roles, then identifying the general and finally specific tools to perform these roles.

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thomann2 said...

This model is very helpful in explaining the different levels of information and the structure of the class.