Saturday, September 20, 2008

Continuous City-- XUBU, technology & relationships

Last night it was my pleasure to see the world premier of "Continuous City" a multimedia, stage production by The Builders Association in which they explored the ways in which globalization, technology, and human relationships are all evolving.

The show asks the question-- what happens to relationships when we are geographically mobile and yet tethered by technology connections? Are relationships the same? Can we maintain them? Are they rich and meaningful? What happens when parents are separated from children? What about romantic relationships online? What does "family" mean?

You can see some of the video at the Xubu website which is an exploration of the meaning of "family" and an opportunity to enter the conversation about these topics.

Likewise, Marianne Weems gives an interview with Ceci Ross about Continuous City. She emphasizes the globalized city theme in this work, but the "relationship" dimensions were the most powerful.

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Sharon Irish said...

Hi Bob! Thanks for your comment about CC. I had a friend who said she found the video clips about "home" to be moving, and the best part. I, on the other hand, felt manipulated. Not sure why they put me so on the defensive. Maybe it was because the heartfelt comments were in such contrast with the "acted" relationships. But, I like your perspective on how Continuous City may help us think about families. Ala our sons and Facebook!