Thursday, May 22, 2008

Persuasion in Facebook: An example of Collaborative Learning

In his work on mass interpersonal persuasion, BJ Fogg has been exploring how apps in Facebook are adopted. One of the ways he has explored this work is through a class he has been teaching at Stanford University. Although you can't see all the "collaborative" processes that Fogg is using, this is a good example of Learning 2.0 strategies in higher education.

This class has extended past the usual 15-week boundaries and others can join in on this discussion and learn about The Psychology of Facebook.

Although non-class members cannot get into the current course, you can get a glimpse of the collaborative strategies that Fogg seems to be using to engage students in learning and some of the tools he uses to facilitate collaborative work among students.

  • Invitation to join the extended version of the course
  • Fogg's orientation to class about next session including, streamed lectures, the use of survey for peer feedback on student work, and group process guidance.

Tools for Collaboration

  • Google Documents
  • Facebook platform

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BJ Fogg said...


Wow! Thanks for putting some order to my class. We had to put together this class very quickly without much structure and no TAs to help. We used to stream the classes. In the beginning I had mixed feelings about it but I'm glad we did it. We learned and improved along the way. Even now, the channel is still there and all the classes can be watched.

BJ Fogg
Stanford Persuasive Technology Lab