Wednesday, April 01, 2009

Updated Information on the Integration of Teaching, Content and Technology

In a very polite comment, Punya Mishra, corrected my earlier post on his work and noted that there was an updated description of his work regarding the integration of content, teaching and technology. Here is the updated image of the conceptual model. Mishra and Koehler continue to explore pre-service teacher's reports on these different areas of knowledge and have developed a good tool for measuring these domains.

(For more about their work, see this website.)

Although their focus is on these interior domains and the intersection of the domains of knowledge, I think it is also important to explore how the outer circle (labelled "context") intersects these domains. The contexts for instruction are also changing. At a simple level, the "Internet" is always a contextual backdrop to F2F instruction. Also, how these areas of knowledge work when a teacher is teaching in an entirely online environment is quite different than teaching in a traditional classroom.

This adds complexity, but we need to understand how this is handled by instructors as well.

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