Sunday, March 01, 2009

Blessed Unrest: An Interesting View of Social Change

In this video you get a glimpse at Paul Hawken's efforts to show us that an increasing number of people are working towards social justice and environmental stewardship. By cataloging all the small organizations created to address social change, he helps us discover that there may be a much larger shift in power and influence, but it is hard to see because our media and attention is focused on big government and large cultural and economic organizations.

In a longer version of this talk given in San Francisco for the Long Now Foundation Hawken uses the metaphor of the "body's immune system" to describe the way in which many small organizations networked together work to heal, restore and sustain the human body. He suggests many small community organizations are achieving similar goals for society and the environment.

So what does this have to do with our interests in family life, teaching and technology? Perhaps it gives us a window in how to engage in similar work in regards to teaching and learning around other important human and intellectual activities. It suggests ways to harness people working and learning together in open, connected systems.

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