Wednesday, July 02, 2008

JITP Needs Interactive Content

I wish all of the JITP CoP members could have attended the latest eXtension meeting in Louisville. Compared to the pioneer days in 2006, a lot of very useful information has been developed to help CoP's do the work that needs to be done.

One of the most critical pieces of information I gained was that of developing content which will be interactive for the end user. This is critical at this point in time because as we build content, we can be more efficient and more effective if we adapt our existing content in a way that is really web-friendly and useful. Some of our members have been suggesting this for some time now, and I think I finally get it.

These are the questions I have. Would it be more effective if we provided a short interactive quiz or activity at the beginning of each newsletter which led the reader to content that related to the activity, thereby engaging the reader in a meaningful way. This is similar to the way we teach... by helping the audience focus on content and then providing information that relates to the topic. If this approach makes sense, do we want to start provding this interaction in the year 2 and 3 newsletters.

Presently, we have a lot of good content for year 2-5 that will have to be re-designed anyway. It makes sense to me to re-design it in a more interactive way. What do you think?

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Robert Hughes Jr, PhD said...

I think we want to begin by doing things that naturally fit the content. I also think that many of those who have been teaching parents of young children probably have activities, questions and other materials that could be put on the web.