Thursday, April 17, 2008

100th Blog Post-- Things I have learned

This is my 100th blog post. I began trying out blogging in 2006. The first year I posted 40 messages, in 2007, I posted only 11 messages.

This year I am energized again and have posted 38 messages so far this year.

The main reason for posting more this year is that I have some better ideas about what I want to contribute in this work. I have been trying to communicate a set of ideas that have formed over the past 10 years about the ways in which the web and the various communication tools can be used to create new learning opportunities.

Here are some of my core ideas:

1. Learning episodes should be created in small units. This is sometimes called "microlearning." I think the best example of a small learning unit is an answer to a frequently asked question. I think that creating many questions and answers could form the basis of a very flexible learning system. Small units can be combined into larger units for many different purposes.

2. Learning sequences should involve lots of interaction both between the learner and the content and between learners about the content. The more opportunities for interaction the more engaging the learning will be.

3. Learners should be linked across as many levels as possible such that more advanced learners are responsible for teaching learners at lower levels. The expectation is that everyone in the learning environment has responsibility for both being a student and being a teacher.

4. In higher education, there should be integration between outreach to the public, instruction of students and discovery and creative activities.

5. Science, art, education and outreach will benefit from being open to as many people as possible.

Despite my efforts to communicate these ideas, I have been unsuccessful at engaging others in talking with me on this blog. This is disappointing, but I will continue to work on these ideas and develop the ideas.

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