Monday, May 07, 2012

Scholarship and Klout

My colleagues won't appreciate this comment, but I can't help but think that Klout will matter in the future in scholarship.  In some sense it all ready does, but we measure Klout by way of citations in referred journals.  I can't imagine this will be sufficient going forward.  At present my citations on Google Scholar exceed my Wekcitations is the major scientific databases.  What does this mean?  Am I more citable online than in print?  Is this more important?  My citations in Google Scholar does not include my Facebook views, my blog posts discussions, my tweets (there are none incidentally).

In the recent issue of Wired, there is the suggestion that my Klout score my help me get better dinner reservations (have they ever lived outside a major metropolitan city,  think not?).  Although I can't imagine my Klout score earning me coupons and free refrigerators, I can't help but think that scientific scholarship will ultimately develop some version of the Klout-type scores for scientific publications that will capture the wider use and reference to scientific studies beyond the current level of citation indices. 

Martin Weller who writes about digital scholarship makes a similar argument in a recent issue of The Chronicle for Higher Education.  Weller has written a thoughtful book about the course of academic scholarship in The Digital Scholar. 


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